Chinese forklifts in Vietnam,heli forklift


Chinese forklifts in Vietnam, heli forklifts Co., Ltd. Binhminh is the distribution in Vietnam. forklift use motor Japan, China, USA.....Chinese forklift High Quality, Reasonable Prices Comfortable for users.
Chinese forklifts in Vietnam are trademarks Heli forklifts. Heli forklifts is brandNo. 1 in China.

Heli Forklifts include : forklift diesel, Electric forklifts, Gasoline forklift....

Chinese forklifts in Vietnam

● Powerful engine and transmission system
Power and transmission system is composed of excellent components by using advanced manufacturing technology and machine and high quality engine.
This combination made the truck powerful reliable 

● Reliable special designed instrument
Solid State Digital instrument with built-in intellectual chip, what makes it sensitively, accurately, reliably, low power consumption and long-life. It also works in wide temperature range(-40℃~+80℃) and with high interference resistant capability.

● Scientific ergonomic application
We use scientific ergonomic method to design H2000 Forklift truck. The operation space has been efficiently enlarged. The rough feeling of the driver has been reduced to the lowest extends.

● Strict environment protection design
All the safety concerned key components, such as steering axle with rubber, front axle and mast etc, should pass severed reliability tests. Thicken insulator on the inner surface and the rubber edging can absorb vibration and reduce noise.

Chinese forklifts in Vietnam

● Reliable AC Traction motor and AC Pump motor which are brushless and maintenance free.
 Reliable AC Traction controller and AC Pump controller self-protecting and maintenance free.
● Interactive communication multifunctional LED meter with friendly interface, display mass  information, password handing and maintenance free.
 Standard CAN BUS interface for simple and reliable communication.
 Travel speed and lifting speed closed loop control.
 Powerful security, self-braking on ramp.
 New technology of dynamic signal load sensing in hydraulic system.
 Travel speed normal/cutback choice function.
● Electromagnetic compatibility reaches international standards.

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